One advice you often hear is to build your portfolio with work you'd would want to be commissionned for.

That's what I did in this project. I have a passion for music - not only as a listener, but also as a graphic designer who was inspired by record covers since my teenage years. I admire the works of Malcolm Garrett, Peter Saville, Vaughan Oliver, and Reid Miles, among others. I have been fortunate to work on some artwork projects in the music industry (available in my other projects pages), but I wanted to challenge myself by redesigning artwork covers from existing albums that I could take in a different direction. This was not based on my personal taste in music, but rather on an art direction exercise, with a clear brief, as if I was working for an artist.

Here are those reworks, front and back covers.

Click on each title to get the backstory of their creation and check the original artists credits.

Here are the original covers for these records:

The copyright to the original artworks belongs to their creators, check each link for info or check my Instagram for more details

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