I have been commissioned by Adobe UK to create a quick tutorial to how to create a 80s-inspired graphic effects tutorial in Photoshop, including fake off-registration, duotone effect and halftone textures.

First I had to create a moodboard for the project once we settled for a vinyl cover. I took cues from the graphic design trends from the time: bold colours, collage art and mechanical print effects.
All put together in a guide
Including historical references as well as contemporary ones
A pinterest board for your enjoyment!

A very important aspect is the typography: I wanted to use distressed type, as a nod to my love of Letraset!

The brief called for a portrait and I chose to put forward South Asian models for the cover as it has to resonate to a UK audience and as well as showing diverse faces, still being relevant to the time and location (there was a healthy scene of punk and post-punk bands that included BAME musicians at the time, so it seemed very apt to me.
I also included a London landmark: The BT tower.

A few variations
And this one was chosen: here is the new album from the fictional band
See the resulting video tutorial
commissioned by Adobe UK

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