3D typeface experiment as part of 36 days of type. Done over the course of 37 days, one character per day. 26 letters, 10 numbers and an ampersand.

The idea was to play on the word "foundry" by designing letters that looked like metal freshly melted & moulded, presented on a pristine white display base like a luxury piece of jewellery.
The whole grid.
Each letter was drawn by hand, in illustrator, then made as a 3D model in photoshop, and rendered in Adobe Dimension.

Alternate views of the letters

The aim was also to create the letters "on the fly", concentrating on the most prominent attributes and not necessarilly as a coherent system - to stay in line with the hand-crafted look of the characters themselves, embracing the imperfections.
The initial hand-drawing...
An animated O

Full project on instagram

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