I always wanted to draw a full animal in a vector format as a way to test my vector construction skills. How to fit organic shapes into geometric ones.
So I decided to take the leap and draw a mighty beast for the year of the rabbit.

For Chinese people, the rabbit is a gentle creature representing hope and a long life.
Done entirely in illustrator using a geometric composition. The illustration relies heavily on gradients and textures to achieve a 3 dimensional effect.
As usual, it all started with a sketch.
Then, scanning and importing to illustrator to build the basic shapes.
The colour scheme was chosen to fit with the tradional colours associated with the rabbit in Chinese astrology: Blue, Red and Pink.
I added a light green to create the contrasting background.

Building the whole scene with gradients and textures, including fur for the rabbit's body and halftones for the ground and moon.
The additional elements such as the lillies and clouds are also part of the traditional set found alongside the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac.
The outlines:
The poster:
Photo credits: Oriento

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