For this year's 36 days of type, I decided to create myself some constrains in order to make it easier to come up with the designs on the fly. So, deciding on doing all them in Adobe Illustrator with the odd animated one, I set upon 1 flat shape, 1 3D ball, and just two colours + one for the background. That's it, I'd have to deal with that.

So in the spirit of modular type design reminiscent of the Bauhaus, here are my efforts

The numbers:
And of course, no typeface would be complete without the Ampersand:
The мир (Mir) text have replaced the Z due to the ongoing war against Ukraine. It means "peace" in both Ukrainian & Russian.

A few of the animations used:
The illustrator project (outline and artboards):
The full grid:

Thanks for your time!
You can see the whole project on my instagram account HERE

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